Living on the Water’s Edge: Portsmouth, NH

Friday, August 30th, 2019
Verani Realty

When the summer months roll in, we find ourselves flocking to surrounding beach towns, especially Portsmouth, NH. Portsmouth is a popular seacoast town in New Hampshire and the third oldest town in the entire United States. Settled in 1623 the town of Portsmouth comes with a long and rich history filled with charm and character around every corner. Money Magazine even dubbed Portsmouth, NH as “One of the Top Five Best Places to Live in America.” 

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New Hampshire and Massachusetts are close in proximity, but differ greatly in a lot of ways. If you’re thinking of relocating to New England or just having a hard time deciding between the two states, we’re here to help! Although we’re a little biased to both states, as they’re both very amazing, we promise to give you a full and complete pro and cons list of New Hampshire versus Massachusetts, so you can decide which state fits your lifestyle more. We’ll kick it off with New Hampshire, so read on!

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